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Life in USYD

Time:2018-10-08 11:20:59

Reason for choosing USYD

After ten years’ undergraduate study in JUFE, I have formed my interest in commerce. Furthermore, the domestic employment environment became extremely severe in 2016, so I understood that only acquiring bachelor degree was not enough to compete with many fabulous peers in applying for an ideal job, especially in Shanghai. In this sense, I chose to further my study overseas in order to strengthen myself and improve my competitive strength in job application.


By studying overseas, I could not only further my academic achievement, but also have a chance to feel another culture, broadening my horizon and pushing me to be more independent. Among all the countries that were suitable for aspiring students, I favored Australia most for its well-formulated law, low crime rate, leading academic level and sound geographical position. In this connection, my physical and psychological health could be ensured and I could also pay my maximum attention to my scholastic development. After unremitting efforts, I finally got offers from Australian National University, University of Sydney, Monash University and Macquarie University.

University of Sydney (USYD) is a world-renowned institution of higher learning and it is a core member of Group of Eight. The feature that most attracted me lies in its school motto of cultivating creativity and pursuing wisdom. USYD’s leading ranking and its excellent major of commerce were also critical in prompting me to make up my mind. In the final analysis, I decided to choose USYD and proceed to its master of commerce degree.


Study in USYD

In Australia, the rating system is different from that in China. In Australia, FAILURE is for the final mark less than 50, PASS for over 50, CREDIT for over 65, DISTICTION for over 75 and HIGH DISTINCTION for over 85. The final mark of every course consists of many parts, such as class participation, group presentation, essay, report, mid-term exam and final exam, each occupying different proportion. Some courses even adopt double-pass system, namely a student would get a FAILURE for his or her final exam mark is less than 50, though the total one is more than 50. Therefore, study in USYD is not easy because USYD aims at integrating study into every aspects of life. Sometimes, you could also see a student and teacher discussing academic problems on the lawn with two cups of coffee.


USYD’s teaching method is basically divided into lecture, tutorial and seminar. Apart from normal individual essays, students have to find time for group meeting in order to ensure a sound presentation and report. Generally speaking, USYD intends to develop each student’s individual and cooperating skills through different kinds of assignments. Thanks to my four years’ experience in JUFE International School, I felt much easier to tackle these hardships. I always inclined to finish my assignments long before the due time so that I could have enough time to revise or arrange for my own things. It is better to compile and review class notes and files during spare time, or the final exam period could be really tough. Although studying in USYD and getting a high mark is not easy in USYD, you could blaze a trail as long as you make full efforts.


Entertainments in USYD

USYD attaches great importance to the balance between life and study, so there are many kinds of entertainments on campus, helping students relax themselves in spare time. Sports and gym are most popular methods of relaxing. Students can reserve tennis court, football court, basketball court and so on. In addition, fitness is far more common in Australia and almost everybody would like to go to gyms to improve his or her physical quality. USYD also features many body-building facilities for students to steel themselves. Furthermore, students could have a week-long break after mid-term exam in each semester, so people usually choose to have an excursion or find some entertainments to relax.


During the whole study period, I went to a concert in Sydney Opera House, enjoying the marvelous architecture. I always watched films in local cinemas, improving my listening comprehension because there were no subtitles. I also went to a local club to enjoy the exotic atmosphere. Fish market was my favorite place with delicious lobster, oyster and much other seafood. I also travelled other Australian cities, such as Melbourne, Cairns, to feel different paces of life. Furthermore, I usually played Werewolf with many friends on Friday evening, some were acquaintances and some were strangers, then I could know more people and their life in Sydney. All in all, life is as important as study in USYD.


Food and Shelter in Sydney

Australia is a country of many immigrants, so I could enjoy many dishes from different countries, such as Vietnam, Japan, and Korea, etc. Most of all, Chinese cuisine is very common in Sydney and not very expensive, not like that in America or UK. I usually cooked by myself at home so that I could cut down some expenses. There are many microwaves on campus, so bring a lunch to school is not difficult. I usually cooked fried dishes, for which were easy and time-saving. At weekend, I could cook some complicated dishes, such as Coo-Lao Meat. Besides, going outside to have steak with friends was also an enjoyable experience.


As for shelter in Sydney, I chose to share a room because this was the most cost-effective room that I could find near the campus. The rent was not expensive and the location was great with many restaurants and a supermarket nearby. My roommate was from Guangzhou and he was also a USYD student, so we felt really familiar. Sharing room also delivered me an opportunity to know more people and communicate with them.


Summary and Reflection

My whole overseas study was full of happiness and sorrow, but I have successfully gotten through it. As for study, I showed my personal values of being ambitious and/or hard working and being safe from danger in the group task. I tried to focus on the objectives that we set to achieve and was willing to encourage our team to gain more. In addition, I was also cautious for taking risks. I usually acted as a challenger and contributor in the teamwork, but sometimes arguments involved. As for living, I made contact with many kinds of people and I had to solve all problems on my own, so I could really feel that I have grown up a lot. Through this experience, I have strengthened my psychological quality, reinforced my logical thinking and promoted my expressive ability. Now, I am working at HSBC in Shanghai as the beginning of my career and I firmly believe that I can blaze a trail and embrace a bright future.