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Life in USYD


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Reason for choosing USYD

After ten years’ undergraduate study in JUFE, I have formed my interest in commerce. Furthermore, the domestic employment environment became extremely severe in 2016, so I understood that only acquiring bachelor degree was not enough to compete with many fabulous peers in applying for an ideal job, especially in Shanghai. In this sense, I chose to further my study overseas in order to strengthen myself and improve my competitive strength in job application.


By studying overseas, I could not only further my academic achievement, but also have a chance to feel another culture, broadening my horizon and pushing me to be more independent. Among all the countries that were suitable for aspiring students, I favored Australia most for its well-formulated law, low crime rate, leading academic level and sound geographical position. In this connection, my physical and psychological health could be ensured and I could also pay my maximum attention to my scholastic development. After unremitting efforts, I finally got offers from Australian National University, University of Sydney, Monash University and Macquarie University.

University of Sydney (USYD) is a world-renowned institution of higher learning and it is a core member of Group of Eight. The feature that most attracted me lies in its school motto of cultivating creativity and pursuing wisdom. USYD’s leading ranking and its excellent major of commerce were also critical in prompting me to make up my mind. In the final analysis, I decided to choose USYD and proceed to its master of commerce degree.


Study in USYD

In Australia, the rating system is different from that in China. In A